All Your NYC Lease Return Questions Answered

When it comes time to return your lease in New York City, there are a few key factors to consider which can help you avoid costly fees and set yourself up for the lease or purchase of your next vehicle. Our team is always here to help you navigate this complex process so you are never stuck with charges or penalties that can be avoided by simply knowing your rights.

Fees You Can Avoid in New York

When returning a lease in NYC, there are a few obvious items that will always incur fees, including:
  • Excessive mileage on the lease
  • Damages and wear to the car
  • Leasing contract violations
As you prepare to return your lease however, we encourage you to contact one of our NY leasing specialists who can walk you through your options and help you determine if you may be able to use tactics like transfers or renewals to avoid fees. We’ve been in this business for decades, so we know the ropes!

Your NY Lease Return Options

When you work with our leasing returns team, you’ll quickly realize that leasing comes along with a host of options and tactics to get around unnecessary fees. Depending on your unique situation, actions like lease transfers, early termination filings, or even buying out your lease can come in clutch to make the process of getting in your next New York lease all that much easier. Don’t make the mistake of facing fees or complications just because you aren’t aware of the options. Contact our team of NYC leasing experts at Car Broker NYwho will happily help you get a better deal on your next lease return.

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